Zune Social WordPress Plugin

This plugin adds three new widgets to your WordPress blog for Zune owners:
  1. The Zune Card (Flash object) from the Zune Social site which shows your recently listened songs, albums, and favorites
  2. A list of songs you recently listened to
  3. A list of your favorite songs
Download: dg-zunesocial.zip (version 1.2 beta) The lists can display album art, song names, or both, and are presented as an ordered list for easy styling. This is a widgetized plugin, so you can add any of these things to your widget-enabled theme with a recent version of WordPress from the Presentation menu in your admin area. For older WordPress installs and non-widget-enabled themes, the following functions are made available to use in your themes (ex: your sidebar.php): Display a small Zune Card
<?php zunecard('small', 'Your Zune Tag'); ?>
Display a large Zune Card:
<?php zunecard('small', 'Your Zune Tag'); ?>
Display a list of recent or favorite songs:
<?php zune_songs($zunetag, $mode, $limit, $showart); ?> Options for zune_songs():      $zunetag: Your Zune Tag      $mode: Either "recent" or "favorites"      $limit: Number of songs to display (ex: 5)      $showart: yes (song name + album art),           no (song name only),           only (album art only)
Example to display the 5 last songs you listened to with no album art:
<?php zune_songs('yourtag', 'recent', 5, 'no'); ?>
Thank you to Zune for making the Zune Social!

Output Examples

These are the output from the plugin without any styling applied. Small Zune Card