Zune Card WordPress Plugin and Sidebar Widget

This plugin adds the ability to embed a Zune Card into your WordPress blog theme. To install, copy zunecard.php into your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins), navigate to your WordPress admin area, and activate the plugin from the Plugins tab.

dg-zunecard.zip (version 1.0)

This plugin has been obsoleted by Zune Social Plugin

For recent versions of WordPress, it adds a sidebar widget. You can add it to your sidebar from the Presentation tab, Widgets submenu. Be sure to edit the options to choose whether you want the small or large card to display and to enter your Zune Tag from the Zune Social website.

For older versions of WordPress, you can embed a card manually using a function the plugin provides to you. Just put it in one of your theme files, such as sidebar.php.

To display a small Zune Card:

<?php zunecard(‘small’, ‘Your Zune Tag’); ?>

To display a large Zune Card:

<?php zunecard(‘big’, ‘Your Zune Tag’); ?>

The Zune Card is wrapped by a div for styling with CSS, although the Flash content itself can’t be styled.

Enjoy! Thank you to Zune for making the Zune Cards!