Sparklines & Funnels

I’ve been working on some new reports and updated screens for Improvely the past few weeks. I’m not ready to make the changes live just yet, but I’ll post a quick preview here for the handful of people that both use Improvely and follow my personal blog.

The project dashboard (formerly “overview”) is getting some new sparkline graphs in the background of the metric boxes, matching whatever date range is selected for the main graph at the top of the page. They give a quick at-a-glance view of the ups and downs of your marketing spend, traffic levels, conversion rate and such without having to select each metric from a menu.

I’m also finally adding oft-requested “funnel reports” to Improvely, which lets you visualize multi-step conversion funnels like what percentage of people drop off between adding an item to their shopping cart and actually checking out from an online store. It took a lot of work to make fully retroactive, real-time, custom funnel reports workable at scale without blowing up my architecture into something I can’t maintain on my own. I’ve made a few attempts at adding funnel reports to Improvely over the past few years that didn’t work out because they demanded too many resources without computing them offline, and none of Improvely’s other reports are computed offline.

The funnel can be fully segmented based on the source of each person (where they came from, what page they landed on, where they’re located, what device they used, etc). Segmenting or filtering details of the interim conversion steps might be added in the future, but won’t be part of the initial release. I still need to write documentation too, since there are a lot of assumptions in making a funnel report the person interpreting that report should be aware of — how things are attributed, whether people that enter the funnel after the first step are included or not, etc.