A New W3Counter, Again

About a week ago, I started working on a rewrite of W3Counter from scratch, with a new data model and a new business model. These are going to be the key changes:

  • Silex instead of Symfony 1.x frontend (it’s that old…)
  • All the data collection’s moved to Node.js, not just the real-time stuff
  • No more requirement of displaying a badge or counter on a site to get free stats
  • No more ads on reports, even for free accounts
  • Rather than a 15,000 pageview log per website, it’s 30 days (free) or 12 months (paid) of data retention
  • Upgrades are available per-website instead of per-account
  • New “business” plan adds campaign and conversion tracking to the reports

I’m enjoying tossing lots of almost 10-year-old code. Coming soon.

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  • Ryan Williams

    Hey Dan,

    I don’t know if this is something you’ve already addressed as I don’t have enough data yet, but a feature I enjoy from other analytics software I’ve used is the ability to look a really long-term historical data to see how the site’s popularity has increased over multiple years.

    From what I can tell even the paid plans dump data after a certain period, but is any data retained at all? For example, while the in-depth data might be gone, perhaps a summarised version could be retained so you can at least see how many monthly visitors there were going back indefinitely — a relatively minor amount of data to store.

    Just some thoughts to make it more useful for long-term use as it’s something I imagine a lot of people look for when weighing up options. If this is already implemented (which it may very well be) it could be a good idea to emphasise this a bit more on the pricing screens.

  • http://www.improvely.com/ Dan Grossman

    Yes, W3Counter has this. The data goes back to 2006, or the age of your account, whichever is older. Click “More Traffic History” under the graph on your dashboard.


  • Ryan Williams

    Absolutely splendid.

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