The Most Valuable Lifecycle E-mail

At Improvely, there are a variety of e-mails customers receive depending on how far along our relationship is. For example, new users receive a welcome mail outlining how to get started and introducing me, trial accounts that aren’t set up get gentle nudges towards the next step, and users that haven’t logged in recently get occasional educational mails showing them how to get the most value from their accounts.

One thing some companies forget is that the customer lifecycle doesn’t end when a customer cancels their service. Customers that cancel are not lost forever. People cancel subscriptions for all kinds of reasons including not having enough time, temporary financial issues, organizational changes, testing alternatives, to personal issues. Many, if not most cancellations aren’t because the customer didn’t like the product!

The most valuable lifecycle e-mail I send is responsible for over $10,000 in added recurring revenue, and I only started sending it this year. Here it is:

Why does it work? People that have used Improvely in the past are my most valuable leads: they already know what Improvely is, know how to use it, have seen the benefits, and cost nothing to acquire. They’re sitting in the customer database already.

Reaching out occasionally makes sure they don’t forget about Improvely when they’re ready to use the service again. I keep the template updated with the latest and greatest features past customers may not have tried, along with occasional discounts to tempt those users that are price-sensitive or need that discount to nudge them over the edge to activate their subscriptions again.

If you’re not already reaching out to past customers, start doing so and you’re virtually guaranteed a boost to revenue and customer lifetime value.