A New Date Range Picker for Bootstrap

3 years ago, along with Improvely, I released an open source Date Range Picker JavaScript component designed to work with the Bootstrap CSS framework. Tens of thousands of downloads, 4000 stars, 1200 forks, 482 commits, and 288 pull requests later, it became … a mess. With so many overlapping pieces of code shoved in a hundred different places to support this new setting or that, it became impossible to add anything else, or to track down and fix bugs without causing new ones elsewhere.

Today I pushed version 2 to GitHub. This was a near complete rewrite I spent the past few afternoons doing. It’s not perfect, but it’s better. I fixed a lot of bugs, added a bunch of sanity checks to help reduce future ones, and generally built a better base to work from going forward. With a new major version came a few breaking changes for current users: some options were renamed or moved, and methods renamed or removed. The documentation’s all been updated.

I pulled all the easily merged pull requests into v1 and made one last release earlier in the week. All other pull requests and issues, some of them years old, have been closed. A blank slate. If you had an open PR or issue and it’s still an issue in the new code, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and you’re welcome to try again.

Please go download, test, and tell me how it’s broken.