PNC Bank

This is a rant: Apparently 10 years as a customer and over $1000/day in deposits doesn’t make me valuable enough to hold an ATM card at PNC Bank.

The debit card that came with my business checking account expired in March. I realized that when I tried to deposit a check at a drive-up ATM and it spit the card back out at me saying that it was expired. I figured I must have accidentally thrown out the replacement card as junk mail at some point, and called the number on the back of the card for the business support line.

The friendly CSR on the other end couldn’t find a debit card attached to my account. He eventually found the expired one, and a note that it was not reissued because there were no charges on the card in the last few months.

I guess that’s the standard now. Not what the contract says. Not what PNC’s website continues to say (“Free PNC Bank Visa Business Debit Card” as a feature of every business checking account). Don’t charge expenses to the card? You don’t get to use ATMs. Not worth the $1.11 in plastic and $0.49 in postage every 3-5 years.

Tomorrow, when I can visit a branch, as they all close at 5PM and it’s already 5:30, I’m supposed to beg a manager to personally order a card for my account. I’m tempted to close it instead.