“Smart Home”

I have a 10 inch tablet mounted on a wall near the entryway of my house that controls the first floor lights, doors, garage and temperature. It monitors motion sensors to automatically lock up for the night when I head to sleep.


How to build your own? Belkin WeMo, Nest, MyQ, Nexia and Vera.

A little node.js server runs on the tablet to talk to the Vera’s API to poll and control all the various devices.

It’s fun stuff to play with if you can afford all the pieces. The other colored buttons along the bottom switch views to various business dashboards.

  • Julio De Leon

    Do you have any more details on this awesome home addition?

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  • Knuppe

    Would love to have this also! Any chance you’d be putting this online?
    My tablet needs an interface where RTSP streams and most used Vera scenes, devices can be used. For the Wife Acceptance Factor 🙂
    I’m into ajax, php, etc., but have trouble starting from scratch.