Refreshing Improvely’s Design

Improvely‘s growing up. It’s now lovingly used by hundreds of marketing agencies and small businesses, with subscription revenue doubling every few months. Billions of website visits, ad clicks, leads and sales have been tracked. Dozens of new features have been added over the nearly two years since its launch.

The design, however, has remained the same since summer 2012. Over the long holiday weekend, I decided to tackle a design refresh of the entire app, with a few simple goals:

  • Upgrade from Bootstrap 2 to 3
  • Upgrade from Font Awesome 3 to 4
  • Switch from writing straight CSS to Less
  • Increase the default width of the site to accomodate a few extra columns in important reports
  • Reduce common confusion points by rearranging and rewriting some key screens
  • Add a notification area for in-app updates and alerts, like new features or billing issues
  • Make the project list, the first screen heavy users see upon logging in, clearer and re-orderable via drag-and-drop

I managed to get everything done and tested in 4 afternoons, including a trip to Best Buy to steal a few minutes on their iPads for testing the responsive breakpoints. While there’s still room for improvement, everything looks a bit cleaner, brighter, and more consistent now, as well as adding room for a few new metrics on the overview and traffic performance reports.



P.S. A customer sent along this great link describing why revenue per person is a great metric for companies to keep an eye on. Improvely keeps track of it automatically for every single ad and other traffic source.

  • Steven

    Hey Dan it would be great if you added “Average Customer Value” to the main stats, without having to drill down to the “person” level.

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