A frontend UI for the Spreedly Core API

Spreedly is one of my favorite companies because they’ve solved the problem of payment processor lock-in for my business. Their service is a very affordable, independent payment information “vault” — a secure, PCI-DSS compliant place to store customers’ data, and later charge it using whatever payment processor I want.

Spreedly is built for developers — it is a set of APIs that my software can communicate with to store payment information or tell Spreedly to do things with it, like charging some amount or deleting some information when a customer cancels their subscription. There’s no way to look at what’s been stored in an account other than writing code. That’s why I created Vault Viewer, a small PHP application that lets you look into your account and see, search and delete your stored payment gateways, payment methods and transactions.

Vault Viewer

The code is open source and free to use, and installation is typically just a matter of dropping the whole thing into a web server document root configured to serve PHP. There’s a Live Demo Here if you’d like to try before installing. I recommend only using the demo if your account only contains test data, as it’s not on an SSL-secured domain.

Download the code at GitHub