Whoa. Authorize.net has a recurring billing API?

I was days away from signing up for a new payment gateway, maybe a new merchant account to get access to it, for a recurring payment API. The credit card subscriptions for W3Counter are a mess because it’s all done manually — Authorize.net didn’t have an API for their recurring billing feature, and I wasn’t willing to take the liability of storing payment information on my server to make the monthly charges.

Then I revisited SitePoint’s forums, where I’m only active about 3/4 of the year. I spend a lot more time there when I’m working than when I’m in school, and have only been checking private messages there regularly.

I read a post by stymiee, one of my favorite members and another great contributor to the forums there, and noticed his signature: Authorize.Net releases their Recurring Billing API – GET THE CODE. I was amazed. Authorize.net had created a recurring billing API and not even mentioned it in the announcements list that shows up whenever I log in to my account there.

I’m very, very excited about this. I don’t have to switch gateways, and I can get W3Counter’s accounts in order. The only way that was ever going to happen is with automation which I can now do. So, along with a server move, I’ll be upgrading the upgrade code. Things are looking up for the hosted service.

That makes this a good time to provide a little update on the downloadable version… it’s falling behind. These past three months haven’t provided as much free time as I had hoped. I took way too many classes to devote the time to a big project considering I need a decent amount of time just to keep the whole business running. The process of finding a new job sucked up a good bit as well, and getting ready to move is taking up some of the free time I have right now during finals week (the rest goes to studying for finals and completing final projects and papers, of course).

I’d like to get back to it and finish it since there’s still demand for the product, but I can’t put a date on it. I am actually hoping to see an increase in “free time” after moving to the west coast simply due to the time zone change. If I can start my days early enough to leave work before 4:30ish, I’d be able to join the occasional World of Warcraft raid on an east coast server to relax (or a few rounds of Gears of War on the XBOX 360 which I’ve finally gotten around to turning on once or twice), then still have hours left afterwards to get something done.